• What Is Phasmophobia and How to Play? What Is Phasmophobia and How to Play? Phasmophobia is a video game that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. This first-person horror game puts you in the shoes of a ghost hunter, and task you with investigating haunted locations and capturing the ghosts that reside there. The game is said to be very atmospheric and does a great...
    • 16 June, 2022
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  • Patch Notes Patch Notes Phasmophobia has received a new update with gameplay changes, fixes and new features. The biggest change in this update is the introduction of the new "Hunter" game mode. In Hunter, one player is chosen at random to become the Hunter, and their goal is to kill all the other players. The Hunter is fa...
    • 15 June, 2022
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  • Latest Update Latest Update Hello everyone, and welcome to the Phasmophobia patch notes for our latest update. This update features a number of changes to the game, including a new map, new items, and a number of gameplay fixes and improvements. The new map, “The Asylum”, is a large, abandoned mental hospital. It&r...
    • 14 June, 2022
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